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You likely either visited us because:
•  you are interested in finding a great certified coach for yourself (or a friend) - scroll down and click on the coaches below; or
•  you have a vested interest in knowing about our association because you want to network with like minded coaches in Hungary.

If you are looking for a coach, we can help you find one through our website! Our professional coaches are well educated, friendly and competent experts in
•  executive coaching
•  corporate coaching
•  life coaching and
•  health coaching related areas.

You might be stuck in a certain phase or point in your life and need the guiding thougths of a coach to get the best results for yourself. You want to proceed, but can’t really find the way to do it. If change is ripe on your agenda, but can’t figure out the first step, it’s time to get some help. Find the person who could help you most efficiently continue on your road. Someone who doesn’t take sides and is objective, yet supportive. A coach is someone who helps you in your professional and personal life development with a wide toolkit to reach your goals. (S)he helps you to see things more clearly and asks the right questions to find your own best answers. Through coaching, you will receive confirmations, affirmations, thought-helpers and emotional support to arrive at the right answers.

Please click on a coach to reach their profile and contact information. Coach profiles contain both Hungarian and English descriptions - English is towards the bottom of each profile page. And in case you are wondering whether there’s a coach who could help you in your mother tongue (non English or non Hungarian), do drop us an email (ugyfelszolgalat@coachok.hu), so we can help find out whether we can meet your demands.

About our Professional Association:
The Professional Association of Coaches is Hungary’s biggest single association of coaching focussed professionals. The association works as a society since December 2010 and today comprises over 250 member coaches from all walks of life. We support our members with trainings, publications and pro bono opportunities to show off their skills. The association is also a founding member of Hungary’s overarching „Hungarian Coach Bodies’ Association” – founded in May 2013, which has a strict professional ethical codex to follow.

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DÓZSA Gergely
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FRANK Benedek
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JOHN Emese
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KISS Andrea
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MÁTHÉ Judit 
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NAGY Edina
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Dr. SINKÓ Erika
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TÓTH D. Barbara
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KISS Andrea

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